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teaching = connecting

Ever since I started teaching in 2005, I have discovered over and over again that my job is not only to teach how to play the violin, but also to show what it means to be a responsible, professional individual. Through our lessons, my students and I find ways to connect with each other, develop a relationship and work together towards certain goals that the students want to accomplish. 

Many of my students are serious, aspiring musicians whose dreams are to become concert violinists one day, while the rest play the instrument because they simply love to make music for themselves. What all of them have in common, however, is a strong sense of self and desire to excel. 

Finding the key to each student's "motivation switch" brings me tremendous joy. Whether it is the annual student recital or a local competition, my studio's motto is "Let's Go Just A Little Further"-- because every student should know that she can always do better than she thinks.



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